Global BodyArt Neon Glow Set
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Brand Global BodyArt Australia
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Ideal for make-up artists, theatre and performance, sports team supporters, parties for children, festivals and fairs. BodyArt is suitable for all age groups and a wide range of uses. This premium body paint has a smooth ‘soft paste’ texture which allows it to be used directly from the jar. It dries to a soft velvety finish.

Neon Glow Set:
Create the ultimate glow in the dark and under UV light face paint party.



What's in the box

Set Contains:
       •  1 x Sponge
       •  1 x Brush
       •  5 x 23ml Face and Body Paint:-
              ○  1 x Neon Pink
              ○  1 x Neon Yellow
              ○  1 x Neon Orange
              ○  1 x Neon Green
              ○  1 x Glow in the Dark