Jo Sonja Decor Crackle Medium 250ml
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Jo Sonja Décor Crackle

  • Transparent medium to be used between layers of Jo Sonja\'s Artists\' Colours.
  • Provides a weathered paint or aged appearance.
  • The top colour will break apart to reveal the base colour. Metallic and Iridescent colours should not be used over Décor Crackle as they will not work effectively. They may however be used as base coat colours.
  • Pre-test varnish over Decor Crackle as some water based varnishes can reactivate this medium. Solvent varnishes may be used.
  • Wide cracks will result from a heavier application of paint, finer from a thinner application. (The crackle effect will appear slowly as the top coat dries).
  • Jo Sonja\'s Décor Crackle is formulated to work with Jo Sonja\'s Artists\' Colours and gives better results than Jo Sonja\'s Background colours. If using an alternate brand, particularly as the top coat, we suggest pre-testing to ensure compatibility.
  • Once crackled and dry, if not sealed or varnished, water can reactivate Décor Crackle and cause it to blister & peel. 
  • If you wish to crackle a background and paint a design directly over it, we recommend a coat of Clear Glaze Medium to lightly seal before proceeding. Be light and quick when applying your medium or varnish and do not over-work.